‘htty’ v1.1 is now available

Maxwell Smart with early ‘htty’ handset? Since its release three weeks ago, lots of people have started using my console application for HTTP called htty. It’s been called the perfect tool for exploring web services.

Install it with one command.

You’ll need Ruby and RubyGems. It’s known to work well under OS X against Ruby v1.8.7 and v1.9.2.

There’s a new version out today. What’s new?

  • HTTP Secure support
  • HTTP Basic Authentication support
  • Support for arrow keys and Emacs key bindings (thanks, rbxbx!)
  • Support for Ctrl-D for terminating input (thanks, bofrede!)
  • A smarter userinfo-set command that:
    • Permits separate entry of username and (optional) password
    • Permits colon-separated “username:password” entry
    • Automatically URL-escapes @ symbols to avoid invalid URLs
  • Various bug fixes
  • Corrected and expanded built-in help content

Check out the updated readme for details on how to install and use htty.

Enjoy! end of article

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